Over the years we have sought relations (exclusive in some cases) with local and international companies to ensure our service provisions remain at the highest level. Our in-depth understanding of the peculiarities of the Nigerian industry means that we will only proffer the most appropriate




Adelphi has many years of engineering expertise and application knowledge in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Toiletries, Food, Agrochemical and Lube Oil industries.  They therefore have the know-how to help you select the right solution for your application, and the flexibility to customise their products to suit your process specifications if required.

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Marden Edwards


Marden Edwards Limited, was established in 1961, is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of wrapping and packaging machinery equipment. Over 9000 overwrapping systems have been manufactured in our factories in the UK and Germany and installed into over 150 countries worldwide.


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marden edwards




Ansapack, founded in the year 1988 is a family owned enterprise and one of the front-runners in the Indian printing and packaging solutions industry. Our first unit was set up for the manufacturing of Corrugated Tertiary Packaging whose primary focus was to efficiently and effectively service the pharmaceutical industry with shippers and boxes.


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Flux Pump Systems

All paper handkerchiefs have long been called “Kleenex” and all vacuum cleaners “hoovers”. FLUX is also one of those brand names which has become part of the language. A pump user says “We need a FLUX for this” and means a barrel pump. This is just simple logic, as in most cases you can read the word “FLUX” on the pump. See for yourself what has gone into the outstanding quality of their products.


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For more than 20 years they have been offering you innovative solutions covering all aspects of stainless steel barrels, special designs, non-pressurised containers, pressurised containers, and transport systems for areas with high hygienic requirements, e. g. in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries.

Customer-specific solutions are our top priority.

Everything from construction to delivery – all from a single source.



ITUA PACK & PRINT and Flexocon Limited

Our core competence is further enriched with our local conversion facilities. Your packaging material and consumables are just as important as your machinery. We provide the following services at our privately owned facilities:

  • Slitting of jumbo sized flexo-graphic packaging materials
  • Printing of flexo-graphic material
  • Rewinding of flexo-graphic packaging materials such as aluminium foil, BOPP and self adhesive materials