So who really are we?

Simply put, ITUA PACK LIMITED is the conduit between your imagination and your target customer. Our core specialism is in providing you with all the processing and packaging infrastructure you need.

Does your requirement list contain items such as product mixers, tablet counters, shrink wrappers, dry/liquid fillers, sealers, coders (packs & cartons), palletisers or related packaging/processing machinery? If so, do please get in contact with us so we can consult with you accordingly.

Our product and service provisions are total and as such also cater to your requirements for consumables. We also ensure that your brand visibility is at its highest and risk of counterfeiting is at its lowest with a conversion plant where we unwind, slit, print and rewind flexible consumables to your preferred sizes.



Over the last three decades you have entrusted us with bringing life to your product concepts. These include:

  • conceiving the most durable packaging process for your pharmaceutical products
  • ensuring the efficacy of the active ingredients in your antiseptic soap bars are retained from the lab, through the product’s shelf life and all the way to the bath
  • seeking the most efficient way to pack your tea leaves to ensure freshness is retained till the last drop leaves the tea cup
  • and even ensuring that your prized and perfect blend of lubricant products are precision filled into small packs and drums

Thankfully, we have had the pleasure of partnering with you to flesh out these dreams into many household products known and trusted by consumers.

Over the years, we have learnt how much distaste you have for modern business practices which is sometimes plagued by a profit driven numbness to client needs. You have confided in us that such antics make you feel like mere target statistics. As such, we have shunned all the unnecessary glitz, fads and buzzwords to ensure all you will ever receive from us is simple honest advice. Thirty years in this business has taught us that every packaging need is peculiar and must be met with a bespoke solution. This also means that we will not be afraid to inform you when the fully-automated-robotic packaging solution you think you require is not best suited for your needs and an extra pair of factory-hands will simply suffice.